What do we do

Landedin Group has three business areas:

· Management: we manage business, manage heritage and manage the interests of our clients with rigorous honesty and periodic accountability.

· Real Estate: we intermediate all type of assets in the real estate sector. We know the market, we know Ibiza and we know how to find the perfect match between sellers and buyers providing all the necessary advice to both parties.

·Investment: we invest in Ibiza, because we love this Island and because we believe in it. We make investments on our own or with third parties. Not only contributing money, but work, ideas and creativity so that investments are a success.


The team

Lorenzo Gámiz


Landed in Ibiza since 2006. Tenth of 13 brothers. Creative and strategist. Lover of travel and personal relationships.

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Alejandro Gámiz


Landed in Ibiza since 2013. The youngest one of 13 siblings. Reflective and analytical. Lover of life and small details.

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We have a long time experience in Ibiza. As professionals we developed businesses in the real estate sector and in other sectors, especially in the leisure, the restaurant industry and the technology.

In the real estate market we are specialists in the commercialization of new constructions and in property management.

Know How

We know very well the market of Ibiza and we know that it is a place with many peculiarities.

We are aware of the factors which make a business in Ibiza function or not.

We maintain excellent relations with all types of professionals in Ibiza: from lawyers or notaries, to architects, decorators and developers.


Our philosophy is clear: we are oriented towards accountability, meeting the expectations of our clients and justifying each of our actions.

We are open to experimentation, constant learning and adoption of best practices that allow us to incorporate them into our own organization.

We understand that transparency is not an end, but the mean to achieve an environment of trust in the business world.


We will be happy to meet you and do business with you. You can call us on +34 971 877 984, write us an e-mail or, if you prefer, send us this form. We will respond promptly.